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American Greetings CreataCard is used by 110 users of Software Informer. The most popular versions of this product among our users are: 3.0, 5.0 and 5.5. The names of program executable files are AGCCard.exe, AGRemind.exe and MSRun32.exe. Works with php, bro, cal, car, cft, fax, hcr, lbl, let, not, pcr, sig, tsh, cer, web, sti, ban and biz file types. The product will soon be reviewed by our informers.

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    Carol Thibert 2 months ago

    I have American Greetings CreataCard Platinum 8 and I can't install it on my Windows 10.

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    Donnie 3 months ago

    In Windows 7 you can install virtual PC and XP mode, they can run the CreataCard 3 software. You should have someone technical do it as it can be complicated.

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    Terry Lennox 4 months ago

    I have used the original CreataCard Gold 3 for many many years and have not had success installing it on updated computers. As a last resort, I have saved an old laptop computer - just to run this program and files that are saved to the hard drive. I tried to save the old files to an old "diskette" ( using an external device ) and then save them to newer computers, but they cannot even be viewed in the newer computers. I get a message from "collage creator" that the trial version has expired ( must have been eons ago and I have no memory of a trial version ) and that I would have to purchase ( the probably now antiquated or unavailable) program to view the files. I agree with the others that I have never found a newer program that I like as well as this one in terms of ease and versatility. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding how to view or save old files on newer programs/computers? I hope American Greetings is listening

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      Mary Last month

      I totally agree with you. Gold 3 is the best, and I have also kept my old computer just to run this program.

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      Barb Curtis 21 days ago

      Same here. I have used the "gold" for years and loved it. My computer crashed, so I had to get a new one and it has Windows 10, and it won't install. I am lost. I cannot retrieve my old files now, and my calendars. I had tons of stuff that I saved. I miss the "forget me not", with all my addresses in it and, unfortunately, I didn't make hard copies of them.

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      Joey 13 days ago

      Thanks, Terry. I'm a little bummed too because my card making programs will not work with Windows 10. My Windows 7 laptop stopped working and everything worked in that laptop. I'm glad I kept my old Vista laptop but I only use it for making cards, labels, etc. And it prints everything just fine. It's not fair that Windows 10 won't let us use our old software.

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